Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In the Heat of the day

We're now in the heat of the summer and man is it a hot one! It's consistently been in the 90's for weeks and definately gotten over 100 degrees several times. Just this morning I saw that it was 80 degrees at 9am!! For a while we were getting those fantastic afternoon thunderstorms that cooled everything down and rehydrated the ground, but the rain has tapered off. With this kind of weather, some things do better, some things do worse. The lettuce held on as long as it could but got bitter really fast in the heat. The broccoli and cabbage abruptly stopped growing and the turnips went downhill fast. In contrast, the peppers, tomatoes, melons, pumpkins, squash and cucumbers are thriving. But even though we're sweltering in the heat and enjoying the fruits of the summer, we still have to remember to plant for the fall. Just this week we planted mustards, collards, more turnips, and fennel. We will also be planting onion seeds which we'll transplant in October and overwinter for next year. Timing is everything. This is the time of year when it seems like the garden is at full speed and harvesting takes place every day. We've shifted into overdrive and are just enjoying the ride!

Look for garlic to be ready soon! It's been hanging in braids curing for several weeks now and it looks and smells fantastic!

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