Sunday, June 13, 2010

Still not out of the weeds

It's mid June and the garden is kicking! It's amazing to see things start as tiny seeds and now see them growing strong. We are still battling massive amounts of weeds, especially in the newly broken ground. Nonetheless, the produce is producing. I think I planted too much lettuce. I can't seem to sell enough of it. So much of it is bolting (starting to grow tall to produce a flower and seeds; once this starts, the lettuce gets bitter). It's going into the compost pile, so it's not exactly wasted, but definately losing money. I'm finding it's a lot harder to market and sell the produce during the summer. Restaurants especially seem to be hard to work with. The tailgate is going strong, but so far it's not making up for the shares I didn't sell. Hopefully the income will increase as the summer goes on.
There's all kinds of new life to watch at the farm. A wren made a nest in one of our boxes of twine. We've watched the eggs hatch into birds and watch the male and female wren feed the babies everyday. One keeps watch, hopping around and chirping, while the other feeds the babies. Then they switch. There's also a snapping turtle that decided to lay eggs in the garden. I didn't get to witness this myself, Hayley and Ryan did, but it sounded pretty cool.
Next week is our third week of boxes for the CSA. So far they've looked great! I'm very satisfied with them and I think the shareholders are too.