Thursday, April 15, 2010

....caught up?

Don't know if it's possible, I'm afraid to say it, am I really caught up? Maybe for today anyway. My fellow farmers and I have been planting like mad. Breaking new ground is NOT easy. There is this terrible fescue grass that grows in enormous clumps that I swear weigh as much as I do. Tractors and tillers do not break them up, so the only thing to do is dig them up by hand and physically remove them from the field without removing too much soil. Ugh. But, on a better note, it seems that spring has returned. The weather's a little cooler, but I'm not really getting any of those "April showers". That would be helpful.

Friday, April 2, 2010

whole lot of sowing..

Just as I suspected, the cold weather seemed to disappear overnight. Suddenly, it's spring and I'm getting sunburned again. There's so much to sow it's hard to keep up, but the garden is looking great. The garlic plants that we planted last October look fantastic; the cabbage plants are growing fast; spinach and carrot seeds are starting to come up, leek seeds in my basement are coming up, and a whole lot of lettuce was planted this week. Today I'm on my way to pick up some asparagus crowns from Bill Mayes, a local farmer/entrepreneur. He no longer wants them, and I am happy to take them off his hands! This will save us a few years of waiting for crowns to develop. We still have potatoes to plant asap and more starts next week (Broccoli and Cauliflower). Well, gotta get goin', daylight's a waste'n...